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Web Hosting Update

  • Sunday, 8th December, 2019
  • 13:42pm

Hello Everyone!

Earlier in June, cPanel (Our webhosting panel) announced changes to their pricing scheme to modernize with current standards. Last month we received the upcoming changes from our distributor and the changes aren't promising. These changes will cause our costs to increase double what we pay right now, meaning we'll have two choices: Either increase our prices, or move to another solution.

We are looking deeply into another platform so our prices can stay right where they are. The past few weeks we've been testing a new panel to confirm if it will work with our current structure while allowing our current integrations. The solution seems to be stable for the current needs of our clients. As such, all clients will be migrated to it by the end of the year in order to avoid the new pricing structure from our distributor. 

That's all for this update, we appreciate your business and thank you for being a valued customer with Prime Servers! As always, if you are experiencing any issues, don't hesitate to call our support number (+1-307-392-4900) or send us a support ticket through your customer panel! Enjoy your weekend!


Ralph Streb
Prime Servers, Inc.

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